My story of the Rolly

The prehistory

I was rally tired to see tangled cords, broken power adapters, dangerous wires or a big ball in my bag. It was my daily concern until I decided to find a better solution to my problem.


Evolution of Rolly

It was 2011 when I did the first prototype of Rolly which was helping to solve my problem for that time. But my first Rolly was ugly and to big… One day, I decided to learn from my past experiences and start to design the new Rolly. It took my time over the 12 months (it’s not my full time job) and now I have zmart design and environment friendly solution for production.

Evolution is a long process...

Evolution is a long process…

The problem-solver Rolly:)

Some facts about Rolly:

  • Rolly is only 30.2 mm thick (a very handy to put into the bag)!
  • User-friendly Nordic design (convenient to use at different cord lengths)
  •  The high quality German parts (stainless steel screws from German)
  • 100% Recyclable 
  • Gray Rolly is made from 100% recycled plastic (save the planet)
  • Made in North America (job for local people)


I really like my Rolly and I would like to share it with you. For this, I need to ask your help to share my project to thousands of peoples who have a same story from the past and who can be happy to have the Rolly!

The first fifty…

Thank you so much our “first fifty” backers for your support. I am so happy to see it. If our project is successful, We’ll send some gifts for you!


Now, our next landmark is one hundred:)

Our first week…

We would like to make the best and most environment friendly product but it is more expensive than regular manufacturing.

Environment friendly – The first and most important decision was to make our product safe for the environment. For this we decided to make our product 100% recyclable and to use recycled plastic. Now we have our Gray Rolly, which is made from 100% recycled plastic. We are so glad to have it 🙂

High-quality – Here we had two options and we decided to choose the best – North American aluminum mould (aluminum mould is around $16,000 of our budget). We deliver the high-quality screws straight from Germany to keep our product first rate.

Our main idea is not to make money but to save the environment and to do the best.

Dear Backers, we ask your help to share our project to your friends to reach success!


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